The following are some of the important and topical subjects in Cyberlaw and Cybercrime which are relevant at the time of holding of the Conference.  It is expected that some or many of these subjects could be covered within the various sessions of the Conference.  

Thursday, 13th March 2014


Cyberlaw-Existing Cyber Legal Issues, Regimes And Challenges

This Theme will examine existing Cyberlaw regime across the world and would look at appropriate emerging challenges concerning Cyberlaw.

This Theme would propose to cover the following:

  • Position of Cyberlaw as a discipline post Snowden
  • Social Media And Data Protection
  • Data privacy and personal privacy
  • Jurisdiction issues impacting cyberspace
  • Role of the cyber legal regimes for supporting interception, blocking, decryption and monitoring
  • Latest Developments of the jurisprudential concept of property in cyberspace
  • Free speech and expression on the Internet and connected cyber legal issues
  • Evolution of latest trends concerning human rights in cyberspace and the Internet
  • Latest trends concerning Protection of children in cyberspace
  • Current existing trends pertaining to development of jurisprudence concerning Intellectual Property Rights in cyberspace
  • Emerging challenges impacting electronic and mobile commerce
  • Spam and related jurisprudence
  • Development of jurisprudence concerning mobiles and mobile applications
  • Cyber Security and Cyberlaw
  • Electronic payment and electronic banking related Cyberlaw jurisprudence
  • Existing and future trends in electronic authentication
  • Online defamation and appropriate remedies
  • Impact of wearable technologies on Cyberlaw jurisprudence
  • The advent of new crypto currencies and digital currencies and connected cyber-legal jurisprudence
  • Protection and preservation of confidentiality of data in the digital ecosystem
  • Cyber safety and evolving Cyberlaw jurisprudence
  • Gaming, gamification and connected legal issues concerning digital games
  • E-commerce emerging legal challenges
  • M-commerce emerging legal challenges
  • Outsourcing and its impact on Cyberlaw
  • Emergence of big data and connected legal and policy issues
  • Cloud computing and connected legalities
  • Online mediation, arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanisms as a vehicle for development of cyber jurisprudence 


Liabilities of Intermediaries, Service Providers and Corporates in today’s scenario- The Current and Future Paths

This Theme will look at liabilities of service providers, intermediaries and connected cyber-legal jurisprudence.  This Theme will look at the liability of Telecom Service Providers, Network Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Web Hosting Service Providers, Search Engines, Online Payment Sites, Online-Auction Sites, Online Market Places and Cyber Cafes for third party content. Some of the areas that are proposed to be covered under the said Theme would include the following:-

  • Service Providers & Corporates – Their Liability For Third Party Data
  • Their Roles And Responsibilities In The Digital And Mobile Ecosystem
  • Position of current cyberlegal regimes and the way forward
  • Emerging jurisprudence and case law concerning liability of intermediaries and service providers for cyber criminal activities and for unwarranted and illegal third-party data and content made available by them on their platforms. 
  • The Compliances for service providers And Consequences For Non-Compliance With The Existing Laws 
  • International Best Practices That Service Providers And Corporates Need To Keep In Mind 
  • Comparative analysis of different positions adopted by different countries concerning liability of intermediary in different jurisdictions. 
  • The responsibility to retain and protect data in the electronic form without tampering or manipulating the same in any manner whatsoever. 
  • The duty of service providers to provide mandatory information to the Government or other governmental authorities on demand. 
  • Authorisation required for demand for data from service providers.
  • Due diligence that needs to be taken into consideration by service providers and all intermediaries as also of all corporate dealing with the electronic and digital ecosystem as also using computers and data and information in the electronic form. 
  • Compliances for service providers and corporate under the Cyberlaw
  • The consequences of non-complying with the existing mandatory compliances mandatory compliances under the law. 
  • The role of corporates dealing with Critical Information Infrastructure and the liability for information resident thereon 
  • Various case studies impacting corporates as service providers 


Cybercrime In The Digital And Mobile Ecosystem – Issues concerning Detection, Investigation And Prosecution Of Cybercrimes

This Theme will look at the Existing And Newly Emerging Cybercrimes, Their Impact Upon Individuals, Companies, Societies And Nations And Appropriate Legal Mechanisms and connected legal, policy and regulatory aspects concerning cybercrime. Some of the areas that are proposed to be covered under the said Theme would include the following:-

  • Emerging kinds of cybercrimes
  • Social media crimes
  • Cybercrime and corporates
  • Mobile crimes and Cyberlaw
  • Crimes impacting confidentiality of information and data
  • Crimes targeted at nations including cyber war and cyber terrorism
  • Banking related crimes
  • Insurance and financial sector related cybercrimes
  • Illegal interception and monitoring
  • Breach of privacy and connected cyber criminal aspects
  • Emerging jurisprudence on cybercrime
  • Anti-cybercrime strategies that need to be adopted by stakeholders
  • International best practices to prevent cybercrime
  • Role of existing international arrangements on cybercrime prevention
  • Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe and its relevance
  • Bilateral and multilateral treaties aimed at regulating and preventing cybercriminal activities
  • Role of other international instruments to prevent cyber war and cyber terrorism and other transnational cybercrimes
  • The dark Internet and connected cyber criminal activities
  • Cybercrime as a service and evolution of the next paradigm of cybercrimes
  • Adequate mechanisms to regulate cyber criminal activities
  • Spyware, malware and connected legal challenges
  • Cybercrime and its impact upon cyber security
  • Breach of cyber security as a vehicle for weakening sovereignty and connected criminal aspects
  • Theft of corporate data and unauthorized access of information
  • Unauthorized sharing, transmission, forwarding of trade secrets to competitors with criminal intent.
  • Need for revisiting the norms on pornography, obscenity on the Internet
  • The role of mobile applications for cyber criminal activities
  • Emerging cybercrimes that the corporate need to be careful of
  • Need for enabling cyber-legal jurisprudential regimes and support to prevent and fight cyber crime as a phenomenon
  • Other emerging cybercrimes challenges that are emerging in the horizon
  • The inadequacy of multinational co-operation in booking cyber criminals.
  • Role of international organizations and initiatives in the area of combating cybercrimes.
  • Use of new digital currencies for money-laundering and connected cybercrimes
  • Cybercrimes impacting the intrinsic strength and architecture of the Internet
  • Ubiquitous computing and connected cyber criminal aspects
  • Grid computing and connected cyber criminal aspects
  • Cyber sovereignty and cybercrimes and connected legal aspects concerned therewith
  • Advent of cyber terrorism in an institutionalized manner where terrorism through computer networks is delivered as a means for generating mass panic and terror in the minds of people
  • Need for effective and strong cyber legal regimes to deal with cyber terror and cyber war and related cyber criminal activities targeted against nations.
  • Other emerging cybercrime trends having an impact upon growth and evolution of Cyberlaw jurisprudence
  • Role of law enforcement and police agencies in the detection, investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes
  • The relevance of electronic evidence and connected cyber-legal aspects concerning its collection, retention and proof in accordance with applicable law
  • Best practices that need to be adopted by police and law-enforcement agencies while dealing with, investigating and prosecuting any cybercriminal activity.


Emerging Trends Concerning Cyberlaw & Cybercrime – The Way Forward

This Theme will look at the emerging international trends on Cyberlaw and cybercrime. Some of the areas that are proposed to be covered under the said Theme would include the following:

  • How The World Looks At Cyberlaw And Cybercrime Post Snowden
  • International Mechanisms To Deal With Cyberlaw And Cybercrime
  • Examining the interplay between cybercrimes, violation of privacy as also data protection.
  • The role of cyber forensics and digital and mobile forensics in dealing with the challenges of cybercrime.
  • What emerging mechanisms do all stakeholders in the digital and mobile ecosystem need to adopt so as to fight the emerging challenges of cybercrime .
  • Social media and emerging Cyberlaw and cybercrime related challenges concerning the same.
  • With more and more people accessing social media and Internet through mobile devices connected legal, policy and regulatory issues impacting the use of cell phones, mobiles, personal digital assistants, combinations of mobiles and personal digital assistants as also all kinds of communication devices which are used to communicate audio, video, image or text.
  • Need for international cooperation in development of cyber legal regimes and protocols
  • Need for international cooperation and assistance for tackling and addressing cyber criminal activities
  • Lack of an international protocol impacting criminal activities and Cyberlaw
  • Need for coming up with appropriate mechanisms to deal with the emerging challenges of Cyberlaw and cybercrime.

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